3 Reasons To Try Different Equestrian Sports

There are many different equestrian sports and while many riders stick to competing in just one, there are many reasons to try your hand at different sports that help you get outside your comfort zone. Whether you are a new rider or a seasoned equestrian, here are three reasons you should diversify your riding experiences

Improve Your Overall Equestrian Skills

It’s easy to become comfortable in your skills for a certain sport. If you like barrel racing, you may excel and riding a galloping horse while jumpers may have better balance. Different sports require various skills but you can improve your overall riding skills if you practice different sports. You don’t actually have to compete but practice can help you gain new skills. For example, if you want to improve your balance by trying your hand at jumping, you may find it helpful to invest in horse jump planks to help you develop the skills you want.

Find a New Favorite Sport

If you’ve only competed in jumping events, you may not know you have a passion for endurance riding. Trying out different sports allows you to sample what they’re about without committing to them long-term. You can easily find a new favorite equestrian sport that utilizes many of the skills you already have.

Strengthen the Bond Between You and Your Horse

Like riders, individual horses are best suited for different sports. You can’t expect a jumper to suddenly become a great barrel racer, but many sports can help you strengthen your bond with your horse. Endurance riding is a great way to enhance cross-country skills while helping you develop a great bond with your mount.

You don’t have to stick to a single equestrian sport. Try your hand at different ones to improve your riding skills and develop a stronger bond between you and your pet. You may even find a new sport to be passionate about.