The Pros and Cons of Concealed Carry

Although not all states require a license to conceal carry your weapon, most do. In states that don’t have a concealment requirement, the option to keep your gun out of sight is up to you. If you’re considering conceal carrying your firearm, be sure to examine the pros and cons of doing so. 


Many Options for Concealment

There are several options available if you choose to conceal carry your weapon. In addition to holsters, there are concealed carry clothing and accessory options, too. These can allow you to comfortably conceal your weapon without hindering your draw.

Peace of Mind For Others

Even in states where you can openly carry your weapon, many people are still uncomfortable with the sight of a firearm out in the open. 

Peace of Mind For You

In places where openly carrying your weapon is not permitted, having your gun concealed can offer your own peace of mind.



If you choose concealment clothing that looks tactical in nature, others might assume you are carrying a weapon, which will defeat the purpose of concealment gear. 


The switch between summer and winter concealment clothing can be frustrating. It’s easier to conceal a weapon during the colder months because bulky second layers are worn daily. On the other hand, summer clothing and workout gear tend to be lighter, making firearms more difficult to conceal. 


Attaching a gun belt and holster to a pair of cargo pants or jeans is the most cost-effective method of carrying your weapon. The cost of concealment clothing can add up, which can be a deterrent when choosing what type of attire to wear while carrying your gun.

Ultimately, and depending on your location, the choice of whether to open or conceal carry rests with you. Both options have their own sets of benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to take time to consider each thoroughly.