Tips for Finding a Great Church

Whether you have moved to a new area, feel lost in a large church or have had a theological disagreement with your current church that cannot be resolved, you may need a new local church. Your home church should feel like a home or a family gathering each week. Before searching for, “Sunday worship Memphis TN,” consider the following tips.

Define Your Desired Church

Your first step is to identify what your desired church looks like. The Church is God’s house and God’s people, so you may not find everything on your wish list. However, your list should include things that are most important to you. For example, you may want the pastor to preach the truth in the Bible without adaptation for current social norms. You may want to see an alter call every Sunday. You may want church-led activities that allow you to get to know the members better. Write these things down.  

Search the Internet

Most churches have websites that discuss the church’s mission, vision and values. They may also provide audio or video files of past sermons and worship services. Listen to these sermons to see if they meet your expectations. You can also review their social media accounts and search for reviews on the church.

Visit the Church

You will never know what the church’s environment is like without visiting it. Introduce yourself and engage the members in conversation. Then, evaluate what you learn and how you felt. Pray about each church you visit.

Be Understanding

Understand that people are not perfect. There may be people in the church who do not act or speak the way you think they should. You may see them as hypocrites. However, people are not faultless. They fall and struggle, but that’s why they are there, to learn how to overcome their challenges and bypass their temptations through the love of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit within them. Your job is not to judge but to love.

You can find the right church for you. A little research and a lot of prayer will guide you to your home church.