How to Keep Your Car Safe in the Winter

Cars seem to have an issue when you least expect it. This can be a bother during the summer months, but when it’s snowing out, issues are even more annoying– if not dangerous. Luckily, there are a few easy things most car owners can do to keep their vehicle running in the best shape possible this winter.

Use the Garage

Parking your car in the garage is one simple way to keep your car’s health in check. Snow, especially when mixed with rock salt, can cause a car to rust faster. While this will affect the car’s appearance at first, it can cause other problems down the road. As a bonus, keeping a car in the garage can help to keep it warmer and keep it from getting covered in snow. Of course, this works best if you have a genie garage door, or another garage door that closes with ease.

Get Winter Tires

Drivers who live in colder climates (anywhere where it regularly snows) should invest in a good set of winter tires. People who do not live in, or travel to, colder climates most likely do not need winter tires. Having winter tires can help your car to get a better grip on icy roads, which is paramount to keeping safe in the winter. Drivers should switch to their winter tires once the weather starts dipping below 45 degrees consistently, as this is when roads can start to get icy. 

Doing these two easy things can help to keep your car in better condition during the winter, as well as make your vehicle safer to drive. Making sure both you and your vehicle are safe is key to being a responsible driver. Try out these tips for yourself to see firsthand how they can make your winter driving experience better this year.