3 Signs a Marriage Is in Trouble

Whether a couple has married for a few months or a few decades, issues can crop up in the marriage. While some couples can work through their issues, others realize that the problems are insurmountable. When deciding whether to get a divorce, it is important to evaluate and interpret the situation.

1. Negative Interactions

Partners are not clones of each other and do not share identical viewpoints. Resolving disagreements in a healthy way is vital to the well-being of a union. If negative interactions are commonplace, both partners can suffer. Besides being a drain on the marriage, constant negative interactions can damage one or both spouses’ self-esteem and lead to deeper issues. When bickering, yelling or physical displays of displeasure occur daily, that is a sign the couple is headed for divorce.

2. Loss of Love

Even if there are no major issues in the marriage, the spouses may fall out of love. If they have been living like roommates, do not go on dates or actively try to keep the love alive, it can disappear. If the marriage appears to be on an even keel, but if the partners find themselves wondering things like, “what is durational alimony,” or how to bring up the issue of divorce, it may be due to loss of love.

3. Changing Priorities

People change throughout the course of their lives. Sometimes the process is gradual, and sometimes it is rapid. Discovering a new hobby, exploring a new religion or yearning to move across the country can all indicate changing priorities. While spouses do not have to agree on everything, they must share the same overall lifestyle goals.

Every marriage is different, and it is up to a couple to decide whether their relationship is salvageable. Before deciding to get a divorce, it is important to examine the relationship and how life will change after it is over.