3 Reasons You Might Need a Maritime Attorney

Many people don’t live near the sea and therefore don’t think that they will ever need to interact with a maritime attorney Honolulu HI. Maritime law is a set of agreements and laws that applied to activity on the sea. It generally applies to international waters and to everyone who is sailing on them, from cargo ship employees to cruise ship passengers. There are several reasons you might need to consult with an attorney.

1. Treasure Hunting

Finding a long-lost treasure on the bottom of the ocean sounds exciting, but if you find it, who gets to keep it? A lot of it depends on the age of the treasure and if there is a property owner. An attorney will help to determine the rightful owner and who has the rights to the value or objects that are recovered.

2. Workplace Injuries

There are thousands of people working on cargo ships at any one time. These workers are entitled to the same legal protections against injuries on the job that workers on land do. Common claims can be slip and falls, sickness and injury from heavy lifting. These can be the result of negligence on the part of the shipowner. If this scenario applies to you, contact an attorney to find out what your next steps are. 

3. Boat Ownership Disputes

Boats are property just as houses are, and many of the problems homeowners encounter, boat owners do as well. For example, if you have a mortgage on your boat and you fall behind on payments, the mortgage company can place a lien on your boat. An attorney would be able to help you resolve any ownership disputes

Maritime law is a very broad category of the law. If you are at sea and something happens to you, a lawyer will help you determine what you need to do.