Help Prevent Snow Damage With Automatic Roof Monitoring

The accumulation of snow on your roof can cause serious problems. If the weight of the snow becomes too heavy, your roof could sustain damage or even collapse, potentially injuring people inside or around your building. Monitoring roof conditions is especially important if you live in an area with substantive snowfall.

You may need to pay for snow removal services, but it’s hard to determine whether or not it’s necessary. Gauging the snow’s weight is difficult since each storm is different. You don’t want to pay for snow removal if it isn’t necessary, but you also don’t want to risk the consequences of not acting if your roof might fail.

Monitor Roof Issues Automatically

You can get real-time data about your structure with an automatic monitoring system so that you can make accurate decisions. Structural monitoring systems typically use sensors and other means to assess the health of your building and the weight of the snow. Some services provide 24/7 monitoring and can even send you email notifications. Automatic monitoring systems can be integrated into new construction as well as retrofitted into older structures.

Receive Timely Information

Getting accurate and up-to-date information about the structural load on your roof is crucial because it’s hard to evaluate the risk just by looking. Some considerations are the type of roof, the total accumulation and the amount of water. The snow’s density and weight can vary throughout your roof, however, especially if snow has drifted in places. Conditions can change quickly with temperature fluctuations or if rain occurs on top of the snow.

Having the right data under rapidly changing conditions can help prevent problems that can damage your structure, lead to expensive repairs and even harm people. You can make informed decisions about whether or not to remove snow from your roof as well as be alerted about potential issues before they occur.