Staging the Outside of Your Home For a Quick Sale

If you plan to sell your home this year, you want to turn it over as quickly as possible – and get your total asking price. Although most people focus on their house’s interior, the exterior can help you sell because many people’s first impression is critical to home sales. Today’s market can support your wish of a quick sale if you take the time to style and upgrade your house with a few proven staging tricks.


An inviting home will often sell itself as prospective buyers wander through well-lit rooms, but don’t forget the exterior of your home. Show off the outside of your house with exterior lighting Tampa. Invite those that look at your home to imagine themselves in the well-lit porch sitting nook or outside on the deck, even after dark.


If you want buyers to fall in love with your home, up the curb appeal. Power wash the dirt and grime off the outside of your house, repaint your front door, and purchase a new doormat. Don’t forget to pull up over-grown plants and add new pots of flowers or fresh greenery. Clean the windows until they sparkle, manicure the grass, and stage the porch with comfortable chairs.


Open your yard by decluttering. From yard tools to old chairs, remove them all. The fewer items there are in your yard, the more open the area will appear. Don’t forget to declutter the tree’s drooping branches, move the children’s toys into the garage, and put the yard implements away. Leave the area free of clutter, then stage with a new grill and allow the buyers to imagine spending time with friends.


You can sell your home quickly if you remember to stage the outside of your house, too. First impressions leave a memorable reaction to a home. Make sure any buyers that visit your house fall in love with your home.