3 Easy Ways To Keep Your Office Germ Free

Whether you are entering cold season or the latest bug is going around, it is important to protect your staff from germs in the workplace. Here are some things you can do right away to prevent your employees from getting sick.

Install Barriers Between Cubicles

If your employees work in individual cubicles that are close together, it is a great idea to install glass partition walls for office Kitchener ON between each space so that germs don’t spread from desk to desk. Clear glass will keep people from feeling isolated while keeping them safe from inadvertently getting infected should a coworker in close quarters come into the office when sick.

Offer Hand Sanitizer

Have bottles of hand sanitizer located all around the office. Sanitizer involves less effort than washing hands with soap and water, so employees are likely to use it if it is readily available. Keep bottles near all bathrooms, in the kitchen and common areas, and even splurge and put a bottle on each employee’s desk.

Allow Employees to Work From Home

Telecommuting is becoming more common, and if you are currently not on board with a remote workforce, now is a great time to start. Encourage employees who are feeling under the weather to stay home to complete their work. Don’t make them feel like they have to come into the office if they are sick. Employees who feel guilty for missing work because of illness are a danger to the health of your workforce. Let them know that if they can be productive at home that they are welcome to work there until they feel better.

Keeping your office space germ free and safe for your employees is simple. Follow these tips and you will have a workforce that is as happy and healthy as possible.