Tips for Hiring a Lawn Maintenance Company

You have invested in a landscape that is both functional and beautiful, but do you have the time and desire to maintain your yard? Many people want to enjoy their outdoor spaces rather than work all weekend maintaining them. Therefore, they search for local companies, such as garden maintenance Cincinnati.


Your first task should be developing your goals. This will start with your monthly budget. Then, you can determine what tasks you want to do yourself and what tasks you want someone else to do. For example, if you don’t mind mowing or pulling weeds, you may leave tree trimming, fall cleanup, irrigation maintenance and fertilization up to a care service. If you are willing to do some tasks yourself, you can reduce your landscaping maintenance investment.


Of course, you can seek referrals from friends, family, coworkers or business associates. If any of your network uses a lawn service, you can ask about pricing, what work they do, when they do it, and what the person’s experience has been with the service. You should also look at different yards in your neighborhood and find those that look the healthiest. Their yard may have a company sign if they are using a service.

You can also look at online reviews, speak with real estate agents and check with the Better Business Bureau for their customer ratings and outstanding complaints.

Speak with the Company

A reputable company should offer you a free consultation. You should discuss your needs and ask about their services. Ask for proof of their insurance. Then, find out if they do background checks on their employees and what training they offer. Learn about how they maintain their equipment. Also, ask about their customer service practices.

Finally, discuss and compare pricing. Don’t choose your lawn company based solely on price. Choose a company that is known for great service at a reasonable price.  

If you want to take advantage of all the benefits of your landscaping investment but don’t have the time or inclination to maintain it, consider working with a lawn maintenance company.