Hosting Your Family Reunion

With summer nearing, it is a popular time for gathering your family near and far for a family reunion. If you are hosting or helping plan your family reunion, here are three tips for helping keep yourself on-track with minimal stress getting to the big day.

Venue with Options

When you think about booking or choosing a venue for the gathering, make sure you think about the varying personalities, generations and needs of those attending. Trying to find a location that can provide activities and gathering spaces for your group can be daunting but places to consider are someone‚Äôs home or backyard, a local community center, a large attraction with private meeting space or a local park or campground.

Feed the Masses

Depending on the size of the party, the dietary needs and preferences of the party, the length and number of meals and snacks needed and the budget, there are many ways to organize food at your reunion. One option is to plan and cook all of it yourself or provide the main dishes but ask people to pitch in with sides, desserts, snacks and beverages. Another route is to hire custom catering Chesterfield MO and ask everyone to contribute to the final cost. A nice hybrid option is to cater or order food for the main dinners and ask others to contribute a breakfast or lunch. 

Capture the Day

Before people arrive, contact all attendees and ask them to bring their cameras, cellphones or other video recording devices so that you can then collect them and/or share them with each other long after the day is over. If you have a high school or college-age student, ask if they or their friends might be interested in coming for some of the party and taking pictures for you or recording the party.

Hosting and planning a family reunion requires time and effort but the memories and enjoyment your family will have together are worth it. Make sure to figure out the right venue, meal planning and memory planning and your reunion will be a success for everyone.