Helping Your College Student Feel More at Home

Going off to college for the first time can be both exciting and scary. Little gifts that remind students they are loved can help their dorm room or apartment feel more like home. Here are some ideas for parents who want to brighten their faraway student’s day.


A nice bouquet can fill any space with cheer. Order an arrangement from a flower shop online Boston MA, and have it delivered directly to your son or daughter. Every time he or she sees the beautiful blooms, your love and support will come to mind.


One concern many parents have is that their kids who are away at college won’t get enough to eat. A care package that contains all their favorite snacks is a good way to make sure they’re eating but also show that you are still there if they need them. You can even order gourmet fruit baskets to ensure that they are getting their recommended daily dose of vitamins.

Gift Cards

As students venture out and get to know their new city a little better, they may find favorite new places to shop, eat and get coffee. With a little detective work, you can figure out the shops they tend to frequent and surprise them with gift cards. A little extra help from home never hurts! 


Parents don’t have to send an elaborate gift to make their students’ day better. A simple card or letter in the mail to let them know they’re on your mind is sure to make them smile. Include a story about something funny that happened to you or reference a future event you’re looking forward to sharing with them. Finding a personalized surprise in their mailbox is probably a welcome change from all the junk mail they receive.

Just because your children have left the nest to pursue their education, that doesn’t mean you can’t reach out to them. Sending small gifts or letters to let them know you’re thinking about them can give their day a special boost.