3 Ways To Keep Your House Warm in the Winter

With winter comes snowy days and colder weather. If you hate this time of year because you struggle to keep your house warm without skyrocketing your energy costs, you might want to make some changes. Here are some things you can do to help keep your house warm when it gets cold outside. 

1. Insulate the Doors and Windows

If you have gaps around your doors and windows, you’re letting a lot more heat out of your home than you realize. Additionally, single-pane windows could be part of your heating problem. Before winter hits, check your windows for missing or cracked caulking around them and replace any areas that have issues. You also want to use insulating plastic on any older, single-pane windows. The plastic will help keep the cold out and the heat in. 

If you see any light coming through the seams between your entry doors and their frames, you’ll want to install some insulation around the door. For the best fit, get pieces that nail in place instead of something that sticks with an adhesive. 

2. Check the Attic Insulation

Low or missing attic insulation is one of the biggest culprits of cold homes. If you haven’t checked your insulation levels in a while, you likely need new insulation. You don’t have enough insulation if you can see the attic’s floor joists. Specialists in foam insulation in Pittsburgh PA will go over the options with you so you ensure that you pick the best product for your home. 

3. Use Curtains

When trying to keep your home warm during the winter, the rule of thumb is to keep the curtains open during the day and close them when the sun goes down. You want the sun’s warmth to heat your space, and then you want to keep that warmth inside by using thick, insulated curtains on the windows. Ensure you install the curtain rod taller than the window and broader by a few inches, so you have plenty of overhang to keep the heat in.