When to Hire a Family Law Attorney

Every day in the United States, thousands of families find themselves in the middle of some type of legal process. Divorce, estate planning, the establishment of paternity and custody are just a few reasons people could find themselves in front of a judge. It’s common to wonder whether or not a lawyer is necessary. While there isn’t one correct answer, there are many instances when having an expert in family law would benefit your case.

Contested Divorce

One such situation would be a contested divorce. These are pretty common occurrences that many times become very complicated. Both parties hiring their own attorneys Spring Hill FL helps things go much more smoothly. When you have a significant amount of assets, children in common, or one party not agreeing with the divorce or the terms, a lawyer is essential to help get things done correctly and quickly.


Another instance when working with an attorney is a good idea is when you want to establish a will. Having a will in place can help you feel more at peace about what would happen to your family and belongings in the event of your passing. It’s becoming more and more popular to have a will in place sooner rather than later. A will is a huge investment in your family’s future, so it pays to do it right. If money is a concern, you can always write a draft yourself and then have a lawyer look it over and assure that everything is legally binding.

Child Custody

A common situation that merits having a lawyer is a child custody case. Custody quickly gets complicated, and when spouses can’t agree on custody terms, it’s within the best interest of both to contact an attorney. The lawyer will be able to help negotiate visitation or custody time and vouch for the needs and wants of each spouse. Since children’s future and well-being are at stake, hiring a lawyer to help with this process can allow things to be resolved more satisfactorily.