4 Advantages of Building With Steel

Steel is everywhere. Skyscrapers, factories, bridges and barns are commonly made out of steel. Because it is strong, flexible, versatile and relatively inexpensive, steel is one of the most popular building materials out there.


One advantage of building with steel is its strength. Buildings constructed of metal can withstand high winds and torrential rains and still maintain their integrity. Steel buildings Guide Rock NE are capable of withstanding winds from tornadoes and hurricanes up to 170 miles per hour.


Because it can be formed into almost any shape, steel is a popular building material for unusual designs. Sweeping curves, thin extensions and long expanses are possible with steel. The NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, North Carolina is a good example of a unique building made out of steel. The building has a slightly saddle-shaped roof that is meant to reference the sloping sides of a race track and give a sense of the speed that is essential to the sport.


Anther reason why steel is such a popular building material is that it is easy to mix with other components, especially glass. Architects love to design steel and glass structures to get a feeling of airiness and light into buildings. One of example of this is a curved steel and glass atrium roof in a common area. The combination of materials allows for an inviting, sun-filled space.


One of the main advantages of building with steel is the cost. It costs much less to build an apartment block or office complex with steel than with stone or wood. Stone has to be quarried and shaped; wood has to be grown and harvested, while steel is created in a controlled factory environment. 

Steel is a low-cost building material that allows for unique designs and stands up to Mother Nature. It is not surprising it is one of the most popular choices with architects and builders.