Why a New Roof Is the Best Investment for a House

For many people, houses are one of the most significant purchases they will make in their lifetimes. For a good reason, it is not uncommon for people to invest some money into improving their homes while they live there.

Kitchens and bathrooms are two places that tend to get upgraded frequently; however, because of the cost, the home’s roof can go untouched until there are issues with it.

Here are just a couple of reasons why investing in a new roof may not only save money but also add value to a home as well. 

Energy Efficiency

As a roof progresses in age, the quality of materials naturally begins to deteriorate, which leads to a decrease in the efficiency of holding in heat. The loss of heat can lead to increased energy bills and put extra strain on the home HVAC system.

A new roof will keep heating bills down and raise the value of a home by a minimum of over $10,000.

Curb Appeal and Warranty

The truth is a home with an old roof looks like a home with an old roof. Without proper upkeep, moss and other debris can collect, leading to a less than desirable visual appeal and a quicker degradation of the roof itself.

Once the roof is at this stage, finding trusted residential roofing St Charles County MO, who offer warranties on their work will guarantee a beautiful new roof with the promise of repair should there be any defects in the craftsmanship. The security of knowing a roof is complete and protected is a benefit on its own, not to mention how much more visually appealing the entire house appears. 

It makes sense why someone would hold off on investing in a new roof until necessary. New roofs are expensive. The benefits and value added by investing in a roof are priceless.