About Bail Bondsmen

Whether you are guilty or not, if you are arrested for a crime, you will probably have to pay bail before you are released from jail. If you cannot afford to pay the full bond yourself and your loved ones cannot lend you the money, you may have to work with a bail bondsman.

What Are Bail Bonds

Bail bonds are loans. They are given to defendants and their loved ones to get the defendant out of jail. However, bail bonds are not available in every state. These bonds often also come with court conditions, such as employment, counseling or not breaking the law while you are out on bail.

What They Do

When you search “bail bonds Scranton PA,” you will find that bail bondsmen agree to pay the full amount of the bail if the defendant does not show up for court or adhere to the court’s conditions for release. The bond company will require that you pay a nominal (10%) fee and may require that you put up collateral, personal property or other assets, to secure the bond and ensure that you adhere to the court’s conditions until the completion of your case.

Working With a Bondsman

Not only will bail companies post your bond, but they will also guide you through the legal process. They can guide you to reputable criminal attorneys, explain court procedures and answer your questions. They will keep your personal and case information confidential.

Bond Regulations

Bail bonds and the fees bondsmen can charge are state regulated. Therefore, comparing rates to determine the best bail company is fruitless.

If you or your loved ones are arrested and you don’t have the money to pay bail, consider consulting with a bail bond company. The defendant’s jail time will be shorter, and you can then focus on more important things, such as the suspect’s legal defense.