How To Be a Lifelong Learner

What’s your favorite way to learn? Do you take notes by hand, listen to audiobooks or videos? When you think about all the ways you can learn whether that’s online or in-person classes, it’s easy to forget all the other seemingly little things that impact the way a person learns throughout the course of their life.

Balancing Your Life

Everything you do impacts the way you learn, from the foods you eat, how much sleep you get, the way you sit in your chair. When you move your body, you enhance your brain’s power and capacity to hold and process information. Adequate amounts of sleep allow your brain to restore and retain the knowledge you learned. By balancing your life and prioritizing taking care of your body, learning will become easier to do and maintain, especially over time.

Organizing & Making Time

When you are trying to implement something into your life, you must set aside the time for it. By organizing your learning materials and creating a ritual/routine in your schedule, you are making an educational investment and prioritizing your learning for yourself.

Breaking the Multi-tasking Myth

Whether you believe it or not, it is impossible to multi-task. Your brain can only think about and process so much at one time, and it has even been found that in trying to multi-task, it lowered a person’s IQ performance just as much as losing out on sleep does.

Reducing Stress

Stress is something that no one needs. When your body’s stress hormones are released, it makes your body have a fear response, which ultimately increases your feelings of anxiety. In order to learn properly, you must find ways to reduce the amounts of stress in your life.

By figuring out not only the best way for you to learn, but also balancing your life, quitting multi-tasking, and reducing your stress, you will help yourself become a lifelong learner.