Charlotte Mint Gold Coins

Many scarce coins, of great interest to collectors and investors, have been produced by several of the minor mints in the US. Most of these mints are no longer producing coinage. The Charlotte, North Carolina mint is one of these. It produced legal tender US gold coinage from 1838 until 1861. Coins struck at this mint have been and continue to be excellent investments.

The Charlotte Mint

In the early 1800s, gold was discovered in North Carolina. By 1830, mining sites had become very numerous. Miners soon desired a nearby central facility to monetize the finds of their labors. They were particularly concerned about the high costs and theft risks of sending their gold to the established Philadelphia Mint. As a result, the Charlotte Mint was established.

Charlotte Coins

In March of 1838, the Charlotte Mint produced its first coins, as half eagle $5 gold pieces. Other denominations soon followed and include gold dollars and gold quarter eagles. Silver coins were never produced.

The Charlotte mintmark is “C”. The mintmark appears on the reverse, except for the quarter eagles and half eagles of 1838 and 1839, on which the mintmark appears next to the date on the obverse of the coin.

Charlotte Mint gold coins were produced by the US from 1838 until 1861. In May of 1861, because of the US Civil War, the Confederacy took over the Mint. The last coins were struck at the mint in 1861.

Looking For These Rarities?

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