How To Prepare for an IEP

Children are not always born with equal learning ability. For many, they need additional time or support to keep up the heavy pace of today’s system. It’s not enough to simply toss them into a classroom as this only builds frustration and distraction. Many students with autism, dyslexia and attention deficit disorder, also require an individualized education plan, also known as an IEP that can alleviate the stress, giving them the correct accommodations and environment. Navigating this road can be difficult for parents, especially as they advocate for their kid’s needs. As you head into the meeting, you may want to consider the following three things.  

1. Consult Specialists

While the school system is required to test, sometimes their assessments have different guidelines than a professional educational psychologist. While expensive, you can see one on your own, presenting the information to the schools. They can relay their suggestions for classroom implementation. Another option is to locate a special ed attorney near me. These experts know the in and outs of the law, offering you guidance as needed.

2. Write Out Questions and Concerns

Don’t enter thinking that you’re going to get a mountain of information or aid. You need to enter the conference with goals in mind. Write out what you want to see happen as well as any questions you may have. Go through the list item by item, ensuring you don’t miss anything. This should include any additional programs available for academic success, the training provided to the educators and the classroom size.

3. Bring Documentation

When you’re advocating for something or showing a discrepancy, come prepared. Do you have assignments showing a current level? Are you seeing something within the classroom work that bothers you? It’s always a good idea to keep a file of your own, ready to produce at a moment’s notice.

Don’t get emotional. You’ll be asked to push yourself, but with your focus and persistence, you can get your child what he or she deserves.