Types Of Working Dogs

Dogs are incredible creatures that are capable of so many incredible things. Certain dogs, with the proper training and care, can even have “jobs.” There is a wide range of jobs that a dog might be able to perform. Here is a look into a few of them.

Service Dogs

Service dogs are dogs that have been trained to help mitigate an individual’s disability. They must have not only basic house training but also the ability to work in all kinds of conditions in the public, including crowded areas and hospitals. A service dog must know at least one task designed to help their handler.

Herding Dogs

One popular job for dogs is animal herding. For many dogs, herding is an innate instinct that they are born with. This means that they will begin to do this task with little to no prior training. Some examples of these dogs include sheep, cattle, reindeer, and goat herding dogs. These dogs make the lives of farmers and ranchers much easier, as they are able to quickly gather the livestock into one area and move them from place to place.

Rescue Dogs

Some dogs have special training that they go through to do search and rescue. When there has been a disaster such as a fire, tornado, or hurricane, rescue dogs are trained to find individuals who have been trapped under debris or are unconscious and unable to leave a building. Some dogs are even trained to rescue people who have been thrown overboard and are drowning.

Dogs have so many talents that are useful to humans. Not only this, but the dogs enjoy being a part of these tasks. It is amazing to see a working dog in action, as they are natural helpers. Man’s best friend is truly one of a kind.