The Health Benefits of Horse Ownership

Caring for pets can have a huge impact on people of all ages. If you’re an animal lover, you may have considered whether adopting a horse might be right for you and your family. If you or your loved ones need convincing, keep reading for a few health benefits of horse ownership.

Physical Health

Equine centers around the country work to help people improve their physical health through equine activity. Many people with disabilities that may make running or weight lifting difficult can still care for and ride a horse, improving stamina and strength while learning a new skill. When you own your horse, you can add to that physical activity in walking to and from the barn, lifting saddles, grooming, and feeding. Caring for a horse is a great physical activity that can lift someone from a sedentary lifestyle without the intimidation that can come from a gym membership. Just as your horse helps with your physical health, be sure to take care of him or her in return by obtaining horse medical insurance and doing regular check-ups with an equine veterinarian. 

Emotional Health

Stress is all around in today’s modern world, and it can be difficult to obtain a moment of peace to center yourself. The interactions you can have with your horse and the bond you build with them can be an excellent way to slow down and breathe. Even grooming a horse can be meditative in an emotionally healing way.

Mental Health

Studies have shown enormous benefits to anxiety, depression, and other mental health illnesses from just taking time with horses. Having a horse can be a type of therapy that improves your ability to cope and increases your brain’s ability to respond to serotonin. In some cases, it can be as effective as traditional therapy.

The relationship between a horse and its human can be surprisingly deep. Not only can interactions with horses improve your physical health, but they can be healing emotionally and mentally as well.