3 Ways to Make Your Wedding More Fun and Memorable

Everyone wants the perfect wedding, right? But what makes a wedding perfect? Some of the basic elements go without saying, like lots of family and friends attending, flowers and meals arriving on-time and correctly, and good weather. Another consideration is how unique and memorable it is. Will your guests walk away saying that your special day was nice, but just like other receptions they’ve been to? Here are some fun and easy ways to make it stand out.

Plan an Overhead Photo

Here’s a great trend in wedding photography that lets all your guests be a part of the fun. Using drone technology, aerial photographer sugar land tx can stage on unforgettable overhead photo! You can arrange your guests to form a shape, like a heart or a candle. If you have enough bodies, you may even be able to spell something out, like your initials, or “love!”

Relax the Dress Code

Look, there’s nothing wrong with formal attire for weddings. But if you’re on a budget, or looking to make a splash, consider ditching the tuxes and train and think outside the box. For years, destination weddings have embraced the idea of outfitting groomsmen and bridal parties in resort wear. You can even get your guests in on the fun by telling everyone to wear t-shirts and pants of the same color!

Have a Flash Mob Dance

If dancing is in your blood, why not have some fun with the traditional first dance? With a little choreography and practice, you can throw your guests for a loop by starting with the bride and groom and explode into a flash mob dance performed by the whole bridal party. Just swear everyone to secrecy and keep it a surprise.

Your wedding is a celebration of you. Make it your own, and your guests will have a great time that they’ll never forget!