When To Call an Emergency Dentist

Asking for dental services after hours might seem like an imposition on your dentist, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting the care you need when you need it. If you’re wondering what kinds of emergencies are pressing enough to be worth finding emergency dentistry Windsor Terrace for after-hours care, it’s a matter of assessing the consequences of waiting versus seeking that immediate treatment. Jaw pain for conditions like TMJ can probably be managed until a regular appointment is available unless the pain is so bad you can’t sleep, but waiting on certain infections or types of tooth damage can complicate their treatment by giving them a chance to keep developing.

Immediate Emergencies

Broken teeth and chips large enough to put you in pain are the top candidates for after-hours dentistry when you ask most people, and there’s a good reason. The pain can make resting impossible, and in some cases, the damage is much less visible when it is addressed quickly. Leaving broken teeth unaddressed can also make it hard to eat. At the same time, abscesses and other painful infections can lead to many of the same consequences if left untreated. Worse, the pain from abscesses can become much worse the longer it goes on, as the infection puts pressure on surrounding tissue.

Stabilizing Care

Any time you need help with relief of your symptoms just to go about regular activities like eating or resting, it’s time to get the emergency care that will put you back on track. That’s the best general rule of thumb if you’re trying to decide whether or not to call, but there’s another option. You can always call and frankly ask for a recommendation based on your symptoms. Friendly professionals who provide emergency care are also community members and dentists with a regular practice, and they will help you make the best decision for your health. Don’t hesitate to call and ask whenever you’re unsure.