Top Workers Compensation Questions

Workers compensation may not be something you’re familiar with, but as an employee of a business that entails risks, it’s essential to know your rights if you are injured on the job. Workers compensation is designed to cover employees who get hurt, but not all employers have it. Here are your top questions about workers comp answered below.

What Is the Definition of Workers Comp?

Workers compensation insurance is coverage an employer has to pay for an employee’s medical bills, lost wages and other losses that they suffer from after an accident. Unless there are specific circumstances, the employee’s injury must happen while they are carrying out a task that is work-related.

Do All Employers Have Workers Comp?

While some states require all employers to have worker comp for their employees, others do not. Some states only require an employer to have workers comp if they have ten or more employees. You should check with your employee to see if they have workers comp. If they don’t, you can discuss your options with an attorney. Look for one near you by researching online (e.g., Iowa workers compensation attorney).

How Can You File a Workers Compensation Claim?

If you get injured at work, you should report the accident immediately. Describe what happened leading up to the accident and any injuries you’ve gotten. You should see a doctor shortly following the accident so that they can inform you the extent of your injuries and link it to the accident at work. You should be given a claim form by your employer to fill out that they can then file. If they don’t give you one, request it.

Getting injured at work can set you back in a lot of ways, but your future financial stability shouldn’t be placed in jeopardy because of it. Ask your employer about their workers comp regulations so you’re prepared in the event of an accident.