How to Host a Murder Mystery Party

Hosting a murder mystery party is as fun as it sounds. Solving the mystery in character with friends is a great way to spend a weekend night. Even if you don’t consider yourself an actor, getting into character is easy because the kits provide all the instructions. The hard part will be choosing which game and who you want to play the game with.


There are hundreds of murder mystery party themes, so the first step is choosing one that fits your style. There are games based on time periods – the roaring 20s are a favorite. There are games based on other famous works like Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” poem. There are fairytale, zombie, and old west storylines or just about anything else you could imagine. Some of the stories are geared specifically for adults, but there are also games geared for teens or mixed crowds. Most of the games are for 8-15 players and many offer “expansion packs” if you need to add people. As the host, you are responsible for assigning each guest the character and that character’s role in the murder which each guest keeps secret until the mystery is solved.


It’s the most fun if, as the host, you really get into the party and wear an appropriate costume.  Ask your guests too also. You can make a homemade costume or check out a place like costume and accessories rentals Fort Worth TX or in your hometown. Whether you’re wearing a zoot suit or hippy tie-dye, dressing up is part of the fun.


Making party-themed food allows you to be creative. Either choose food from the locale of the mystery (Mediterranean food for a murder that takes place in an Italian villa) or make regular food with funny names like “clue cake” or “last words lasagna.”

Murder mystery parties are fun to plan and host. From the costumes to the food, the more you put into your hosting effort, the more likely your guests are to have a killer time.