Signs It Is Time for Water Heater Repair

If you are like most homeowners, you don’t know your water heater isn’t working properly until all you have is cold water during your morning shower. However, there are other signs you can watch for that will indicate a problem. Keep reading to learn what those signs are.

Strange Sounds  

Hearing some noise from your water heater is only natural. After all, this is one of the major appliances in your house. However, if you begin to hear weird or new sounds coming from your unit you should call a professional for water heater repair Pleasanton CA. In most cases, mineral deposits will have built up inside the tank, causing the appliance get too hot while it is heating up the water to store in the tank. If your take isn’t already leaning, then flushing it and cleaning it may be enough to extend its life.

Water That Just Isn’t Right

If there is a metallic taste or visible issues with your water, it means there is corrosion somewhere in the lines. If you notice that both your cold and hot water are rusty when they are coming out of the tap, there is likely corrosion in the water heater pipes. At this point, calling a professional is best. They can assess the problem and find the underlying issue.

Presence of Leaks

While this may seem obvious, it will not be unless you are inspecting your unit regularly. This is something most homeowners don’t do until they have no hot water.

Don’t wait to call for water heater repairs. The longer you wait, the more serious the problems will become. Be sure to keep this in mind and call for repairs as soon as you notice an issue. This will help ensure the problem is handled and that other issues don’t occur.