How To Know It’s Time for a New Roof

A roof that’s failing can seriously damage the inside of your home. Sometimes you’re able to get away with a simple repair, but if it’s been years since your last roof, it’s time for a replacement. Here are several ways to know it’s time to invest in a new roof.

Missing and Curled Shingles

Roof shingles should be completely flat and not curled. If your shingles are dried out and curling, your roof is reaching the end of its life. Missing shingles, or finding asphalt granules around your property, is another sign that you need a new roof.

Multiple Leaks

A roof leak can be a surprise if you’ve never experienced one. If you’ve got just one leak, you might be able to get away with a repair, but with several leaks, it’s time for a new roof St Louis MO. A roof that’s riddled with leaks will only get worse from rain and accumulating snow.

Moss Growth on Shingles

If you notice green moss growing on your roof, that signals dampness. This trapped moisture is bad for the shingles and eventually causes rot in the underlying wood. Moss usually occurs on shaded portions of a roof and although it can be brushed off, it grows right back. 

Oldest Roof on the Street

Neighborhood houses are generally built at the same time, so it only makes sense that the roofs are the same age. If there’s been plenty of roof work on your street, it’s a good way to gauge a time frame for yourself. When your roof is the oldest, you can bet on an impending replacement.

If your roof is showing signs of old age like missing shingles and leaks, it’s time to talk to a professional roofer. Getting a new roof will protect your home and eliminate worry and stress.