Should You Have a Light-Colored Roof or Dark-Colored Roof?

As you think of building or remodeling your roof, you may have thought about such things as what material you want your shingles to be or if you want a flat or pitched shape. However, you may not have thought about the colors of your roofing material. As it happens, certain roofing colors can be advantageous or disadvantageous depending on where you live. Read below to learn why. 

Light-Colored Roof 

As light colors do not absorb heat and sunlight as well as darker ones, a brighter tinted roof will allow less heat to enter your home. This is very advantageous in a hot, sunny climate as your home can remain a more comfortable temperature during high-temperature days (and in a warm climate there are likely several of these a year). Also, you’ll save money and the environment as you’ll use less energy artificially cooling your home. Consider asking for a light-colored roof when looking for roofing contractors Killeen TX

Dark-Colored Roof

Darker toned roofs work similarly to lighter-toned roofs, but in the opposite way. As dark shades absorb large amounts of sunlight and heat, a darker roof will allow for a lot of heat to enter your home. Thus a dark roof can be a great asset if you live in a colder climate, as your house will be rather warm on low-temperature days. You also won’t have to use as much energy keeping the heat on. Consider asking roofing contractors for dark-colored roofing materials if you live in a place with frequent low temperatures. 

You can see now why it might be a good idea to check your area’s climate and decide for yourself what color roof would be best. Also, a few shingle and surface types can’t really be colored, so keep that factor in mind as you choose your roofing.