4 Pistol Upgrades That Increase Safety and Accuracy

A firearm is a tool designed to be used. And, just like any tool, certain modification sand upgrades can help it last longer and perform better. If you are looking to make some changes to your firearm, these upgrades can help improve both your accuracy and safety. 

1. Trigger Upgrades

The heavier your trigger pull is, the less likely you are to have ana accidental discharge while carrying it. Most are set to somewhere between 10 and 13 pounds of pressure. While that is great from a safety standpoint, it can lead to less accurate shots. Upgrading to a smoother, lighter trigger can help resolve some of that. You can take your firearm to a gunsmith or, with a basic understanding of its inner workings, do it yourself. For example, some of the newest Glock trigger upgrades can be installed in under an hour.  

2. Improved Optics

Let’s face it, as your eyesight starts to get a little hazy, it can be tough to focus on pistol sights and your intended target. Upgrading your optics can give you a clear advantage by boosting your accuracy and increase safety. A few options you might want to consider include:

  • Laser sights
  • Night optics
  • Tactical lights

3. Barrel Coatings

Your firearm’s barrel takes a lot of abuse. Show it a little love by adding protective coating to it. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to keep your barrel cleaned and polished or add a special coating like Titanium Nitride. Both can help protect the surface from scratches, wear and debris. 

4. Textured Grips

The last thing you need in a potentially dangerous situation is to be struggling to maintain control of a firearm. Modifications, from stippling to slip on or adhesive grips, add texture to your grip. That helps you draw it safely and hold it securely. 

Upgrades can as simple as a fresh coat of polish or as involved as a new trigger group. No matter which ones you choose, however, always make sure to buy the correct parts for your firearm for the best results.