3 Plumbing Problems You Don’t Want To Ignore

Plumbing is one part of the house that many homeowners overlook until there is a problem. Even then, it is easy to dismiss small issues. Unfortunately, they can become a major problem quickly. These three complaints are signs that, while they are easy enough to overlook, are better addressed right away. 

1. Cold Showers

More than an annoyance, cold showers on a regular basis is a sign that your water heater is not functioning up to par. Your unit may be undersized for its current workload or there could be a mechanical issue causing it to underperform. Some problems can lead to serious consequences such as a fire or gas leak, so it’s best to get it checked. Schedule a water heater repair Pleasanton CA so you can identify the problem and get it fixed. 

2. Gurgling Drains

Drains and pipes may make gurgling sounds for a number of reasons. A partial clog can cause water to gurgle as it works its way past, but the most common cause is air trapped somewhere in the line. This is generally the result of improper venting of drain lines. Failure to address the problem can cause a vacuum to build up inside your waste pipes, which can lead to sewer odors coming back into the house. Check vents at individual sinks and the main vent for clogs to identify and fix your gurgling pipes

3. Dirty Water

If you haven’t run a line for a considerable amount of time, then minor amounts of grit or sediment might be expected, but water that is visibly dirty as it leaves the tap is a serious sign of trouble.  A leak in your main water supply line or low levels in a well are both possible causes. Once the problem is fixed, be sure to have the water tested to ensure it is safe before using it for eating, drinking or bathing. 

Knowing what plumbing issues need attention can help you avoid large problems down the road. Gurgling within pipes, cold showers and debris in the water all warrant action.