Tips For Navigating Marital Separation

Marital problems are among the most stressful situations a couple can go through. For many reasons, it might make more sense to separate instead of divorce. If you’re currently navigating a marriage separation, here are a few tips to help make it a little easier. 

Make It Official

Get an attorney to draw up an official separation agreement Tampa. This will include all the exact terms and conditions of your separation, creating clarity with your spouse. Being on the same page and being clear with your boundaries is key to navigating a separation. 

Don’t Post On Social Media

It is tempting to want to share what you are going through on social media, but remember to keep details to a minimum. You don’t want to say anything that could hurt you if the separation leads to a divorce. When you need a place to share, stick to a close circle of friends and family (and make sure they are not oversharing the details of your life either!). 

Be Careful When Dating

If you choose to date during your separation, make sure you communicate clearly with both your spouse and the person you’re dating. Don’t date with the intention of hurting your spouse, or trying to gain leverage. Know that dating can make divorce messier, so make sure you are in a good place emotionally and being completely honest with yourself and others throughout the process.  

Open Your Own Banking Account

If you have been using a joint banking account with your spouse, now is the time to open your own. You might also consider opening a credit card in your name to help you build up credit on your own. Separation is a great time to start building up financial independence and setting yourself up for a stable future in the event of divorce. However, it’s important not to spend too much money on luxury items, or take a big vacation at this time. Overspending can hurt you during a divorce settlement.