How To Stay Safe in the Kitchen

The kitchen is often looked at as the heart of the home, and you likely want yours to be full of good food and happy family members. However, you always need to remember that as wonderful as your kitchen is, it can also be a dangerous place. Thankfully, following a few simple tips can help keep your kitchen a fun, safe place to be in. 

Clean Up Messes

When you’re cooking and baking, it’s easy to make a mess. You might have spilled flour or sugar on the floor when making cookies or had grease splatter everywhere when frying potatoes. No matter what the mess is, you want to clean it up as soon as it happens. 

Slips and falls are among the top most common injuries in a home. You could find yourself focused on a task and not looking where you’re walking, only to slip on a mess on the floor.

Sharpen Your Knives

A dull knife is a much greater danger in the kitchen than a sharp one. When you’re cutting with a dull knife, you have to use more force to cut. Additionally, a dull knife doesn’t bite into the food the same way that a sharp knife does. So, when you’re using a blunt blade, you have a greater chance of your knife slipping off the food you’re cutting, and because you’re using more force, you have a greater chance of hurting yourself. 

If your knives are dull, you can buy a kit online to sharpen them yourself or contact a kitchen knife sharpening Savannah GA service to do it for you. 

Don’t Rush

One of the quickest ways to get hurt in the kitchen is to rush around while you’re in there. You might be in a hurry to get dinner on the table, but when you’re rushing, you’re not paying attention to everything, which is when accidents happen. Instead of rushing, let your family know dinner will be a few minutes later. Or simply change up your initial plans of what you were going to make. Nothing is worth getting hurt over.