How to Baby Your Car

Some people love their surfboards. Some people love their dogs. Some people love their cars. If your car is your baby, treat it right. Take care of it both inside and out, and it will love you back by providing years and years of reliable transportation.

Clean It Up

Washing a car is so much more than running it through a car wash once a month. To really baby your car, pay attention to how you clean each area. Wheels should be cleaned with a cleaning product; tires should not be. Harsh cleansers can damage the finish of your car, so focus chemical cleaning products on the chrome details and the windows. For the rest of the car, use specially designed car soap, water and a soft sponge. After the outside is gleaming, it’s time to detail the inside. This is very difficult to do yourself, so it’s best if you find a shop that specializes in car interior shampooing or your area. You might be shocked and how amazing your car looks once all the spilled drinks and pet hair are shampooed out.

Replace the Floor Mats

Floor mats protect the interior of your car the way shoes protect your feet. Shoes wear out and so do mats. The best mats are easy to install and clean, and they keep your car looking sharp. Mats should withstand harsh weather without fading or cracking. They should not puncture or rip easily. If something gets spilled (and something will), the clean-up should be accomplished swiftly with a hose.

Provide Some Shade

Not everyone can park in a garage, but if possible, park your car under a man-made shade structure. Shade will help prevent interior warping and fading and other externally damaging factors. Parking under a tree will provide the shade, but it leaves your car open to falling branches and bird waste. Another great opportunity to shield your car from the elements is through an enclosed car shipping carrier. Any time you need to move your precious vehicle long distances, car shipping is the best option to preserve the value of your car.

Most people spend so much time in their vehicles that it’s really worth it to treat it with respect. Just like most everything else, the effort you put into taking care of your wheels will pay off.