Getting Your Venue Ready for an Event

Whether you’re in charge of a venue that hosts sporting events, political rallies, wedding receptions, concerts, or all the above, there are a few universal guidelines to prep for an event. It’s a fast-paced, stressful world as no two events are exactly alike and the stakes can be high. That said, if you can create smooth processes that you adhere to every time, your chances for running a clean show every time always improve.

Safety First

Nothing is more important than the safety of your guests. Ensuring a safe environment covers a lot of ground, from making sure electrical cords are secured so people won’t have to trip over them, to hiring armed and unarmed security guards if the situation warrants it. You must also make sure that your venue is properly insured in case accidents occur, which may still happen even with strong safety measures in place.

Electrical and Internet Access

Moving from your audience patrons to your vendors, you need to make sure you understand what their needs are in terms of power and internet bandwidth. With proper notice, you may be able to temporarily improve what you can offer if you know you need it. If not, it’s far better for the promoters to know there may be an issue in advance of the event than to lose power or internet on the day of.


Parking is always a challenge, especially if your venue has expanded, or the neighborhood around it has grown or shrunk. Even if not, a large venue parking lot can be an agonizing maze, or even a major safety hazard. Make sure you have personnel ready to help direct traffic and facilitate parking. Also make sure that they are outfitted with easy to see safety vests and gear to ensure they can be seen and are protected.