7 Reasons why Quilted Wall Hangings Matter

Looking for a great way to add textile wall art to your room? Quilted wall hangings are an excellent choice. This versatile piece of art can be adapted to fit any interior design style and is an ideal way to use scraps of fabric.

Quilted wall hangings are easy to make

Making quilted wall hangings is an excellent way to decorate your home without spending a fortune. There are several ways to hang them, including triangle pockets or double-sided glue. In some cases, you can sew a purpose-made hook to the back of the quilt and secure it to a wall-mounted hook. If you do not have time to create a design, you can always use a printed design as a guide. If you’re not comfortable cutting or stitching fabric, you can use tracing paper to trace the design on the fabric.

Quilted Wall Hangings Quilts Cincinnati OH makes a wonderful gift for a loved one and it is quick and easy to make. Many quilting patterns are accessible online, and you can choose a project for any season or occasion. For example, a quilted wall hanging with a holiday theme can brighten the hallway or family room. You can also add a picture frame to a quilt with your child’s artwork or a picture of your family. Another option is a quilt with a template of a dragonfly or other insect.

They are adaptable to almost any interior design style

Quilted wall hangings are adaptable in many ways. They can be suspended on the wall or framed and displayed as framed art. These versatile wall coverings can work with almost any interior design style. However, before you buy a quilted wall hanging, consider your room’s decor and style. Select the best fabric for the room to ensure it complements your existing decor.

They can be easily switched out

Unlike other types of wall hangings, quilted pieces can be changed out quite easily. This type of artwork can be hung on a 5×5 foot wall or even a 12×12 foot wall! The only real limitation is the size of the quilt. If you do not mind making your quilt, you can purchase different-sized squares and use those as wall hangings. You can also switch up the colors and pattern of your quilts whenever you want.

You can change up your wall hangings often. One of the benefits of quilting is that you can switch it out without affecting the room’s design. You can switch out your quilt every few months and still be able to enjoy your quilts for years to come. Changing your quilts is also easy. Find one which has the same size then color and hang it with the same sleeve or rod.

They are a great way to use up fabric scraps

You may be able to find a lot of scrap fabrics lying around the house, so the next time you’re feeling a little bit overwhelmed by all of those leftover pieces, try a craft. You’ll find many projects for your scraps and can get a few new ideas from your stash! For example, make a fabric collage of your sewing machine! You’ll love the result! Another great project is a cord holder for your desk. These are easy to make and keep your cords and other small cables out of the way.

If you don’t have enough fabric scraps, consider turning your scraps into a phone wallet, stylish bedding, or unique home decor. Kids will love the colorful designs and can even use the fabric scraps as educational materials. For those who hate pins, you can make sewing weights from scraps. You can cut the weights into any shape you wish and fill them with a few metal washers.