3 Factors That Affect the Cost of Installing Satellite Dishes

Television is a massive part of American entertainment. Approximately 120.6 million American households had a physical TV in 2019 and 2020. Even though many have foregone traditional television providers in favor of the convenience and affordability of online streaming, traditional cable and satellite services are not going out of business by any means. Satellite television, which works by using a dish to receive signals from a satellite in space, is popular because of its reliability, quality and vast number of channel options. However, the placement of the dish itself does not have a set price; while some providers offer free installation, not all do, and sometimes a separate professional contractor/electrician must be hired to install the dish. If this is the case, there are certain factors that affect the cost of satellite dish installation Florence KY.

1. Location of Dish

The desired location of installation changes the cost, depending on how easy it is to get to. Places that are less accessible or harder to mount the dish on raise the amount of time and labor that must be put in. This increase may be reflected by a higher bill. The amount of difficulty in finding a good reception area also factors in to this. 

2. Number of Televisions

One task the installer must perform is connecting each TV in the household to the dish. The more televisions there are, the higher the price will be in many cases.

3. Type of Dish

There are different kinds of satellite dishes, including VSAT, or very small aperture terminal, multi-satellite and motor-driven. Some, like motor-driven, are harder to install and connect than others. Contractors may charge extra based on the kind of dish. 

Satellite dish television allows people to access a wide array of channels for a set price, but the actual dish installation is not always included as part of the package. If it is not, there are different considerations that may result in either lower or higher installation costs.