Steps for Giving a Guiding Paw to Your Senior Dog

If you share a home with a dog, you have enjoyed watching your pet mature and grow over time. When your faithful companion reaches the most senior stage, you need to create an environment to accommodate him or her in this time of life. Perform these important actions to make your home an appropriate senior setting for your canine pal.

Focus Medical Care

Surely you have followed veterinary guidelines for checkups and vaccination schedules over your dog’s lifetime. Now more than ever, though you need to rely on mobile pet care Spanish Fort AL for advice and resources for how to deal with the special needs of the aging canine. An experienced veterinary practice can provide invaluable support when you most need it.

Make Your Home Comfortable

Because senior dogs can suffer from arthritis and other painful ailments, you need to pad the home, in a manner of speaking. If Rover is used to sleeping on a blanket on the hard floor, you are overdue for buying a soft, thick dog bed. Also note, the dog will find climbing steps difficult or impossible at this point, so keep bedding, food and water on one floor.

Provide Consistent Stimulation

Your dog may no longer be able to run down a flying Frisbee, but you do need to take your pet on gentle walks at least once per day. This activity will keep muscles and joints loose and minimize leg stiffness. Also, play games such as hiding treats that can be sniffed out. This kind of brain stimulation is important for your dog’s mental health.

Your elderly dog can lead a quality existence if you make the effort to responsibly undertake. Providing the care that senior dogs require will not only allow them to thrive during the twilight of their lives, but it can also substantially extend your time together.