3 Jobs That Pay Well and Offer Flexible Hours

Are you tired of spending your time at a desk from 9 to 5? Are you interested in picking up a bigger salary while having control of your schedule? The workforce has changed over the years, becoming flexible in various areas. Certain professions, however, offer more opportunities for personal control than others. The following are three occupations that may pay well and provide you a manageable schedule.

1. A Notary Public

People often require a notarized form to make documents official, and they usually pay for the notary seal and signature. Notaries may establish their own price, charging various fees for the different forms. In fact, it could range from 10 dollars for a camp form to over 200 for a mortgage filing.

This job requires an instructional course, bond payment and regular Florida notary renewal fees

2. A Reading Tutor

One in five students in the nation suffers from a reading disorder such as dyslexia. These children have a neurological disorder in which their brains do not process the sound of letters or the written language naturally, making the reading process laborious and painful. 

Traditional school settings do not always use a reading program that helps. Parents may pay up to $70 an hour for a qualified tutor. Be sure to learn a multi-sensory, explicit reading program that works. Wilson, Barton and Lips are three popular ones. 

3. Dietician

Many people struggle to find the right diet for them. Working with a dietician is a way to discuss their food choices one on one, fixing some issues that make losing weight hard. Dieticians could get paid well for their consultations, and they have the ability to do this virtually or in person on a flexible schedule. Set up meetings once a week or so.

Don’t settle for anything. If you want to start putting power in your hands, search for a career that you like and gives you the perks you desire.